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Silvana Peres was born in Lisbon, but she has always lived in Cascais. It was there, at the age of fourteen, that fado first appeared in her life. Alongside horse riding, fado soon became a natural passion, almost hereditary in her family, and so she accepted the challenge of her group of friends in 2001, at a gathering in Cascais, and sang fado for the first time.

Silvana not only took the risk, but seven years later she decided to pursue a career in music with recognized professionalism in some of Lisbon's most important fado houses, such as Casa de Linhares or Parreirinha de Alfama, among others.


Ten years dedicated to dance and high equestrian competition were left behind, areas that still captivate her and from which she never dissociates. However, the fado singer is not limited to fado. Her musical influences come from different latitudes and genres, which greatly contributes to marrying music and dance and, together, finding the right path to define herself as an artist: an intense and versatile woman of various shades that are reborn in each performance and on each stage, commanded by her warm and harmonious voice.


In 2017, Silvana Peres presented her first album "Fado no Pé", considered by Blitz Magazine as one of the ten best World Music albums, released in Portugal. In the following three years, Silvana took "Fado no Pé" and all its Lusophony brushstrokes to multiple national and international stages.


It is in 2022 that Silvana Peres gives wings to an increasingly present and marked creative daring in her music. She presents "Água Nova", a new album in which the artist takes even more risks by assuming the authorship of some original songs. She is joined by recognized composers and authors such as Dino d'Santiago, Paulo Abreu Lima, Raquel Tavares, Sebastião Antunes, Jonas Lopes, Beatriz Pessoa, João Caetano, and Carlos Leitão, among others.

The focus of the new album is on music always sung in the Portuguese language and exceeds any barriers and prejudices, bringing together in a very elegant and multicultural lineup genres such as fado, cante, light song, popular marches, samba, morna, chorinho, and funaná.


It is with "Água Nova" that Silvana Peres reveals to the public her most personal and sensitive side, where music resides, uncomplexed and above any labels. Everything that is important for the "journey" fits into it, with rhythm, feeling, dance, and whatever color one wants to paint it with.


Since 2022, Silvana has been part of the resident cast of the highly respected "Clube de Fado" in Alfama (Lisbon).

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